Enjoy So Charming UK Blue Zenith Heritage 146 Replica Watches

When talking about Zenith, most people would think of Zenith Pilot watches, in fact, Zenith also with many other classic watches. In this year’s Basel, Zenith launched a new series, the Zenith Heritage 146 watches, with blue and brown to choose from, especially for the blue one, I am fond of it, today, I’d like to take you for a look.

First Impression

When seeing this blue dial fake Zenith Heritage 146 watch, I only can one word to describe it “AMAZING”. this new series drew the inspiration from a watch which launched in 1960s, so for this, this replica Zenith always with a vintage feeling. And the blue dial with swirl marks is sparkling under the sunlight, showing its charming vividly.

Fully With Zenith Style

For this steel case fake Zenith watch, its case adopted the bright blue, very refreshing, young and fashionable. The matching strap also is very good, which is full of Zenith style, using the rubber inner strap with blue racing style, that can be said as perfect, taking this fake Zenith watch a feeling of dynamic, more vigorous.

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