Charming 60MM UK Zenith Pilot Type 20 Replica Watches Review

For the size of men’s watches, that is often above 40mm, maybe 47mm diameter is pretty large, while there is a kind of watch with 60mm diameter, that is the replica Zenith Pilot Type 20 watch. Let’s see it together.


This replica Zenith is specially designed for saluting to Louis Bleriot, adopting sapphire material, matching white gold bezel, watch ear and crown. Except the eye-catching 60mm size, this white gold case replica Zenith watch also some other charming features, like the delicate dial which using meteor, that comes form a piece of Muonlionalusta.


For the functions of this replica Zenith watch, that is not so complicated, only with chronograph functions and power reserve display, very convenient for the wearers.


For this unique replica Zenith Pilot watch, not only features the large size but also with the unique material, no matter for the appearance or the performance, that all can be said as a good choice.

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