These Charming UK Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Replica Watches Tribute To The Rolling Stones

When we talking about the rock and roll, that must be mentioned the Rolling Stones, which is favored by a lot of people. Last year, Rolling Stones offered a landmark performance in Cuba, presenting a visual feast for the audience. At that time, Zenith specially launched a kind of watch in order to celebrate this unique concert. Now, let’s see what they are together.

In order to manifest the legendary sense of this wonderful band, Zenith strives to create the brown leather strap replica Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb watches, combining the advanced mechanical technology and first-class art which are the vivid praise to these world famous Rock Stars.

Classic Marks Gather The Dial

This replica Zenith highlights the experienced extraordinary watchmaking technology, perfectly interpreting the creativity of Zenith. With 45mm diameter rose gold case matching sapphire watch mirror, and upon the dial that decorated with Union Jack and the famous mark of Rolling Stones, all these vivid design of this rose gold case replica Zenith as if come out of the dial.

Legendary Accuracy

This fake Zenith watch features the transcendental performance, with the El Primero 8804 manual wind movement, very wonderful. And under the protection of 30m waterproof case, the whole dial all adopted the hand engraved scale, matching the gold pointers.

As If Have A Pull At A Cigar – Excellent UK Replica Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Tribute To Cohiba Watches

In the past few days, I had just introduce you the bronze replica Zenith watches, as a real fan of Zenith, for these watches, that love everything all. While talking about Zenith, most of people would think of the wonderful El Primero movement, but in fact when you see the fake Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb watch, you would also be attracted by it.

Now, using the special replica Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Tribute to Cohiba watch as an example, let’s see it!

For this fantastic replica Zenith watch, which specially designed for people who are fond of advanced watches and cigar, with the delicate hand craft and enamel, so amazing.

Quaint Appearance Presents The Best Visual Effect

Taking a close look at this rose gold pointers fake Zenith Academy watch, with the elegant rose gold 45mm diameter case matching the unique amber dial, just give you a wonderful visual effect. Carefully seeing the dial, using the special Havana gold, through exquisitely hand craft, perfect presenting the veins and texture of tobacco leaves, adding the sparkling brown enamel, endowing this replica Zenith a pure cigar breath.

As If Have A Pull At A Cigar

Just like a hand-rolled Habanas cigar, this charming replica Zenith sends out a complicated smell which blending the powerful and delicate. Through the sapphire crystal watch mirror, you can clearly see the fancy time scale, gold pointers and even the outstanding tourbillon.

Fall In Love With You – Charming UK Replica Zenith 16.1230.4021/01. C538 Watches

For a woman, the value of a watch is more likely to be the ornamentation on the wrist, she pay more attention to the unique appearance, the exquisite feeling and touching emotion, secondly that is a timer tool. Now, here comes a special woman’s watch which from Zenith and with the theme of love, actually touching many women’s hearts.


For this replica Zenith 16.1230.4021/01. C538 watch which is easy to attract the attentions of women, for it just meets the need of all the reverie of the ornaments on the wrist. Red is the most eye-catching color for women, especially for this pink, which always can bring the better mood to the ladies.


Although for women, watches are just the ornamentation on the wrists, appropriate interesting features also can unique feeling for the wearers. This red pointers replica Zenith 16.1230.4021/01. C538 watch carries the chronograph function and power reserve display, all these features without too much complicated technology just given more practical sense.


With the gradually warming of women’s watches, many watch brands pay more attention to the ladies watches,and the types of these watches also become more and more abundant. This fake Zenith watch with the theme of Love, as if describing a beautiful and poetic fairy tale. Just for its dazzling and dynamic, makes this steel case replica Zenith watch become a member of the wish list for most women.